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Puzzlemore Studio (Puzzlemore, Inc.) is a motion picture production company located in upstate New York. Our mission is to tell great stories using the power of visual images, and to feature female characters in lead roles.

Our first feature length film, "The Dying" was shot, edited and released on 16mm film in the days before digital video became the standard. For re-release, the film was transferred to a digital format, and the soundtrack was remastered in 5.1 dolby. A commentary track was also added to the DVD release.

In 2013, we produced and released the short film "Fields of Clover" completely in digital format. This was a way to announce that we were once again pursuing fictional storytelling, and also a chance to experiment with emerging technologies.

Now, in 2014, we are developing a new, very ambitious feature film; a dark sci-fi story with elements of romance and action. Details are available throughout this site.

We have adopted the term "Film" for our current productions, even though almost everything we do is digital now. A new and better word is needed, but the word has stuck, and is used to represent a style of movie making rather than the process and materials that it originally identified.

We are continually expanding our fan base through social media. The indie film community is now worldwide and it is amazing to connect with so many people with similar interests. We are not just a company, we're fans too.
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