And so it begins

We are doing things a bit differently this time around.  For our latest feature film project, the first contact made, the first member of our team was Indie Film Sprites, a PR organization headed by Lynnaire MacDonald.  Our last film “Fields of Clover” was a toes-in-the-water approach to crowdfunding, but the new project is so much bigger and more ambitious that there is no way one person could do everything necessary in pre-production, which is often the case with indie films.  Lynnaire brings a real dedication to public relations and a true love of indies that is remarkable.  Her enthusiasm is evident in everything she does.

If this project (still untitled as of this writing) is to succeed, this is the type of connection that will make it happen.  As we move into our first stage of crowdfunding, Indie Film Sprites will make us shine.  We have only taken the first step on this journey, and knowing that they have our back is all the incentive required to push ahead.

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